Winter Interlocal for the North Fork

The Winter Interlocal was held this week in the Community Room at Glacier National Park.  Interlocal meetings are held twice a year for North Fork landowners to meet with representatives from all of the national and state agencies who manage the public lands in the North Fork. Flathead County also sends people mainly to talk about the North Fork Road.  Scientists who are conducting research in the North Fork report on their work.  Each group presents information regarding the North Fork and answers questions from landowners.  Landowner groups also give reports.  Debo gave the report from the North Fork Preservation Association.

Campaign Re-Boot

Campaign Re-Boot

Monday, February 12, 2024

Last Chair Restaurant at 1705 Lakeshore Drive in Whitefish at 5:00pm


Blizzard conditions scuttled our campaign kickoff on Jan 11, so we are trying again!  Please join us to launch the campaign!

Cash Bar available//Plan to have dinner at this lovely restaurant.


Clean Up the CFAC Super Fund Site in HD3!

Along with pristine wild lands and towering mountains, House District 3 also has a Super Fund Site where the old Columbia Falls Aluminum Company (CFAC) used to operate.  Last night, I attended a meeting of concerned citizens called the Coalition for a Clean CFAC who are working to ensure that the cleanup plan is not “waste in place” but removal of the waste to an appropriate toxic waste site.  There are major concerns with the current plan to contain waste behind slurry walls onsite which could pollute the Flathead River and surrounding wells.   The current plan would leave the 900-acre site a toxic waste dump forever.  The Coalition is asking for a pause before this plan goes forward in order for there to be an independent cost feasibility analysis on waste removal and the chance for community visioning about future uses for this site which is located outside the city limits of Columbia Falls. For more information, visit the website at:

Click here to read about CFAC Coalition

Campaign Kickoff

Powers for the People

Campaign Kickoff!

Thursday, January 11, 2024

The Last Chair restaurant in Whitefish

1705 Lakeshore Drive


Join us!

HD3 is winnable for Democrats!

Help to make it happen!

Cash Bar available//Plan to have dinner at this lovely restaurant.

Ordering dinner would be a nice thank you to The Last Chair for hosting us!

Debo Powers is running in 2024!

Former Montana Representative Debo Powers is running for House District 3 again.  The boundaries for House District 3 have changed.  It now contains Essex, West Glacier, Polebridge (the North Fork) like it did before.  In addition, it includes the west and north side of Whitefish!