About Rep. Debo Powers

Debo Powers

Debo Powers

I believe that we are living in the most crucial period of human history and that people should step forward to take leadership and work cooperatively with others to move our society forward.  I have a proven track record of listening and collaboration in very diverse groups of people and these are the skills and qualities that are needed in a good legislator.  I believe that I can make a difference.  

My father served in the military and my family moved around quite a bit when I was young.  Unfortunately, I did not win the “birth lottery” and have the privilege to be born in Montana; however, I fell in love with Montana when I first saw it at 10 years old.  After college, I came back to Montana year after year to soak in the beauty of the mountains, the rivers, and the wildlife.  Eventually, I built a solar-powered cabin next to the North Fork of the Flathead River and realized my dream of living here full-time.  I have a passion for Montana and it is a great honor to serve in the Montana Legislature and use my talents and skills in the service of Montana and its citizens. 

Professional Experience:

Public High School Teacher of U.S. History & Government—20 years

Principal, K-8th grade Public School—13 years

Author of “Leading the Dream”

This book chronicles the journey and educational philosophy of a group of dedicated educators and parents who created a charter school that was recognized as one of the top eight charter schools in the nation by the U.S. Department of Education.

Community Involvement in last 10 years:

—Past President of the North Fork Landowners Association:  I was a board member for 5 years, president for 2 years, and past president for 2 years. 

Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) for Flathead County—I serve on RAC with a diverse group of citizens who work together to reach agreement on the allocation of federal funds for Flathead County under the Secure Rural Schools Act.  This funding effects everyone in Flathead County. 

Volunteer Fire Lookout:  I serve the community as a Fire Lookout in Flathead National Forest for 7-10 days each summer on Cyclone Lookout.  Watching for and reporting wildfire is an important service for my community.  Additional volunteer activities include: Bike Patrol on the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park in the spring and Grizzly Bear Management activities with Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks during bear season. 

—Past President of North Fork Preservation Association:  I served for five years as the president before passing the leadership on to the next generation.    

Whitefish Range Partnership:  I participated in this citizen collaborative with 25 other representatives of various national forest user groups.  After 13 months of meetings, this diverse group (loggers, snowmobilers, backcountry horsemen, mountain bikers, wilderness advocates) reached an unanimous decision on a proposal about the Whitefish Range to send to the Flathead Forest Supervisor.  This proposal was a model for collaboration and ultimately became part of the final Flathead Forest Plan.

North Fork Land Use Advisory Committee:   I currently serve on this committee to make recommendations to the Flathead County Commission regarding land use in the North Fork.  Land use planning is important in protecting the integrity of neighborhoods and supporting landowners.

Chief Election Judge:  I served as the Chief Election Judge for Precinct 47 in Whitefish on the November 2018 election day.  This volunteer work demonstrates love and support for our democratic process.

North Fork Forum—I was on the non-partisan organizing team that brought together our politically diverse community in the North Fork to discuss the U.S. Constitution.  This leadership shows the ability to listen and respect other’s viewpoints and find common ground.  In addition, the North Fork Forum held a political forum for the candidates in House District 3 in 2018.

—State-wide Board of Directors for the Montana Wilderness Association:  We work on state-wide public land issues.


Why I enjoy being a Legislator in the Montana House of Representatives:

I have a love for democracy and enjoy working with other people to make our communities and our state better.  I have the skills that are needed to be a good legislator:  listening, respectful communication, collaboration, cooperation, negotiation, and compromise.  My career in public education and my public service activities have prepared me to work with all kinds of people who hold all kinds of viewpoints and opinions.  This is what is needed in these divisive times.