2024 Personal Endorsements

Uniquely Qualified to Represent Montanans

“Debo Powers possesses a wide array of qualities that make her uniquely qualified to represent Montanans. Raised in a military family, she is well versed in the needs of our veterans. A career as a professional educator as both a teacher and principal give her necessary insights into the educational needs of our communities. Living off the grid year-round and building her own cabin demonstrates her independence and ability to work hard. She is a tireless advocate of public lands and has served on multiple conservation boards locally and state-wide. Her years of volunteerism in multiple capacities have honed her skills in building consensus and in listening completely to all sides of the issues. Montana needs legislators who represent all of us. Debo is that candidate.”

–Suzanne Daniell, M.D.


Courage & Integrity

“In my long tenure as a Kalispell City Council member, I learned a lot about courage, values and compromise. The courage and integrity to stand up for long held principles while at the same time willing to compromise in order to bring important accomplishments to fruition. Debo’s consensus-driven efforts in the Whitefish Range Partnership led to a resounding success that is setting the standard in collaborative relations with local governmental agencies.  In addition, she has shown her leadership capabilities generating positive outcomes important to our community.  In the fourteen years I have known Debo Powers as a neighbor, friend and organizational colleague, she has exemplified those ideals in a wide range of successful endeavors.  I wholeheartedly endorse Debo as candidate for House District 3.”

–Randy Kenyon, Former Kalispell City Council Member (2000-2014)


Skills, Dedication, & Passion

“No doubt about it, Debo Powers has all the skills and dedication to represent House District, 3. Debo has immersed herself in the issues and reached out to her constituents. Her commitment to serving her community has been relentless.  Preserving Montana values and protecting public lands is her passion as is her commitment to local government control. Debo Powers is the voice that we need in Helena.”

–Richard Hildner, Former Whitefish Deputy Mayor


Powerful, Generous, & Compassionate

“I’m so pleased and proud that Debo Powers is re-upping to serve Montana and Montanans. Her ceaseless and inexhaustible gift of service to the state of Montana is a great gift to all of us now, as well as to the future. She is part of a great Montana tradition of powerful, generous, compassionate leaders that began with Jeannette Rankin and which helps keep Montana the best place, whether in hard times or good. She cares deeply, equitably, about all Montanans. We need that now more than ever, as we seek to carry forward all that we love about Montana, while continuing to provide jobs in Montana for Montanans, open space, and the best education for our children, and our future. Thank you for being willing to serve again, Debo! “

–Rick Bass, Montana Writer


Innovative Teacher & Principal

“Debo Powers is renowned as a thoughtful, innovative teacher and principal. She knows how to listen, and she knows how to lead. I sometimes wear a T-shirt that says, “Those who can, TEACH. Those who can’t, pass laws about teaching.”  There has never been a more critical moment to have seasoned educators serve in every legislature. We MUST get this right for our children, and Debo Power’s voice and leadership could do just that.”

-Rosanne Wood, Leon County School Board member and Retired High School Principal



“I am happy to endorse Debo Powers for the Montana Legislature.  I worked closely with Debo in the Whitefish Range Partnership that brought the timber industry, motorized and quiet recreation, and wilderness advocates together to forge a common vision for the Whitefish Range.  Debo was instrumental in bringing and holding together that group, and in reaching the consensus agreement that was so important for the new Flathead Forest Plan.  Debo cares deeply about public lands, education, and the public good.  She deserves your vote.”

–Dave Hadden, Former Executive Director for Headwaters Montana & Member of Whitefish Range Partnership


Commitment to Fair Taxation and needed Tax Reform

“I have known Rep. Powers for a number of years and she has a keen interest in the Montana tax system. She realizes that our tax system must be fair, equitable and transparent; and she is committed to tax reform policies that will strengthen HD3 like a property tax circuit breaker that will base your property tax bill on your ability to pay.  Debo is also committed to making out-of-state corporations pay their fair share of taxes in Montana.  Together, Rep. Powers’ understanding of and commitment to tax reform will be a huge asset for HD3 residents, small businesses and families.”

–Alan Peura, Former Deputy Director, Montana Department of Revenue



Organizations have not yet made endorsements for the 2024 election.  However, the following organizations endorsed Debo Powers in 2020.

2020 Organization Endorsements

The campaign of Rep. Debo Powers was endorsed by the Montana Federation of Public Employees (MFPE) which is the largest union in Montana representing public employees like teachers, nurses, highway patrol officers, wildlife biologists. MFPE represents public servants who are essential to our safety, education, health, and our way of life. As someone who has spent her life in public service, Rep Powers was delighted to have this endorsement.


The campaign of Rep. Debo Powers was endorsed by Montana Conservation Voters.  MCV protects and promotes Montana’s clean air and clean water, our public lands, wildlife, renewable energy and public health.  As a life-long conservation advocate, Rep. Powers was delighted to have this endorsement.


The campaign of Rep. Debo Powers was endorsed by the Montana Sportsmen Alliance.  The Montana resident hunting and fishing community is one of the largest voting blocs in the state.  They stand for a positive environment now and for the future.

Rep. Powers was delighted to have this endorsement because she supports our Montana hunting and fishing heritage.


The campaign of Rep. Debo Powers was endorsed by Montana AFL-CIO and Montana’s Working Families.  Montana AFL-CIO represents over 50,000 working Montana families, 38 Montana Unions, and 500 Locals.  “All working people deserve good jobs and the power to determine their wages and working conditions.”

Rep. Powers stands with the working families of Montana.


The campaign of Rep. Debo Powers was endorsed by Montana Rural Voters.  House District 3 consists of rural communities and small towns.  The Montana Rural Voters supports the laws and lawmakers that protect Montana’s family farmers and ranchers, our good clean water, and our state’s unique quality of life.  Generations of Rep. Powers’ family have been family farmers and was with great pride that this endorsement was accepted.


Carol's List EndorsementThe campaign of Rep. Debo Powers was endorsed by Carol’s List.  The purpose of Carol’s List PAC is to recruit, train, elect, and otherwise support progressive pro-choice Democratic women to elected office, in order to increase power for women within the political arena.  Carol’s List believes that in order to have a truly representative democracy, at least 50% of our elected leaders should be women. Rep. Powers couldn’t agree more.


Future Now Fund logo

The campaign of Rep. Debo Powers was endorsed by Future Now.  Future Now is a national political-action-committee whose focus is on state legislatures around the country.  Future Now looks for good, strong, progressive legislative candidates to endorse.