About HD3

House District 3 covers almost a million and a half acres in northern Flathead County.  93% of HD3 is public land under the management of Glacier National Park, Flathead National Forest, and State Trust.  HD3 contains several small communities perched on the edge of public land: Polebridge, West Glacier, and Essex. Most of the voters in HD3 live  north of the railroad tracks in Columbia Falls and Whitefish, as well as west of Baker Avenue in Whitefish and (further south) west of Highway 93 all the way to Tally Lake Road. HD3 extends to the Canadian Border in the north, the Continental Divide in the east and Lincoln County to the west.

On this map, colors delineate the landscape:

Light Green = Glacier National Park

Dark Green = Flathead National Forest

Tan = State Trust Land

Pink = Private Land (where voters live)