Legislative Watch e-newsletter

Rep. Debo Powers hard at work

Powers for the People Legislative Watch newsletter is available to anyone who would like to track important bills in the Montana Legislature and learn how to make your voice heard.  This is one way to hold the new representative for HD3 accountable to his constituents.  To receive a periodic newsletter during the legislative session, send your email address to powersforthepeoplehd3@gmail.com and put “Legislative Watch” in the subject line.  You can also view the newsletters by clicking on the Newsletter button on this page.

Powers Concedes Election

Dark Days Ahead

As a Red Wave swept the Montana elections, many Democratic candidates all over the state failed to win their elections.  Representative Debo Powers was one of these candidates.  The day following the election, Representative Powers congratulated Braxton Mitchell on his victory.

Many are worried about dark days ahead for Montana with one political party in control of the Legislature, the Governor’s Office, and the entire Cabinet.

Rep Powers Speaks at Rally

Rep Powers Speaking at Rally

Representative Debo Powers was the first speaker at a local rally for state-wide candidates culminating with Kathleen Williams (U.S. Congress) and Steve Bullock (U.S. Senate).  The rally was held on a cold, blustery day at the Fairgrounds in Kalispell.  Participants sat in their cars to stay safe from COVID and the speakers were projected onto a big screen while their words were amplified by large speakers.  There was lots of horn blowing and flag waving!  It was a campaign rally for these times of pandemic!