Rep Powers Talks to Cooney and Schreiner

At a recent Cooney for Governor Rally in Kalispell, Rep Powers spoke to Mike Cooney and Casey Schreiner about their commitment to public lands, public education, and healthcare for Montanans. For those who support these things, the choice could not be more clear.  Mike Cooney’s opponent is not a friend of our public lands.

Candidates Speak to Voters in Essex

On September 9, candidates participated in a “Meet & Greet” on the lawn of the Issac Walton Hotel in Essex.  All Democratic and Republican candidates for House District 3 and Senate District 2 were invited. Participating were: Kyle Waterman (D) and Carl Glimm (R) running for SD2 and Debo Powers (D) running for HD3.  Each candidate spoke for 5 minutes followed by questions from the crowd and answers from the candidates. In response to questions, Rep. Powers spoke in strong support of (1) not transferring our federal public lands, (2) funding for public education, and (3) finding ways to provide broadband to rural areas.

Volunteers Supporting Powers For The People

Campaign volunteers getting ready to drop literature in Columbia Falls

Campaign volunteers are working hard to help Representative Debo Powers keep her seat in the Montana Legislature.  Dropping literature on doors is one safe way to contact voters during the pandemic.  Another way is to make voter calls.